Bulk Signer

Bulk Signer software is useful when we need to sign multiple PDF documents together.┬áThis is very useful when documents are required to be signed manually and also in an automated fashion. Documents are available in “input folder”. After the user does the necessary configurations and preference settings, the signed documents are placed in the “output folder” as per the choices made by the user.


About The Bulk signer

Key Features:
  • Sign files using class 2/class 3 digital signature/DSC token or equivalent PFX
  • Sign password protected files
  • For above, provide passwords through a CSV file or enter it manually
  • Allows all page sizes and orientation
  • Unlimited signatories/DSC (Digital Signature Certificates)
  • Multiple signatures using one or more USB ports and/or PFX, simultaneously
  • Sign unlimited number of pages in a document
  • PDF split option
  • Multiple signatures on one or more pages.
  • Same signature more than once on one or more pages.
  • Multiple in/out folder selection options
  • Merge PDF documents
  • In/out folder mapping
  • Date-time format
  • Email/SMTP settings(Add-on)
  • Text pattern based positioning of digital signatures(Add-on)

About the author.

Prerequisites for Bulksigning :
  • An X.509 digital certificate (DSC Token/PFX)
  • Windows 7 or later (including Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022), Windows Server 2012/16 (32/64 bit)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (Get Installed with PDF BulkSigner)



Building With Divi


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